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North West Walls #7 (2022)

For its 7th edition, North West Walls acquired new artworks by Jabi Corte (Spain), Paola Delfin (Mexico), Federica Furbelli (Italy), Irene Lopez Leon (Spain), Alex Maksiov (Ukraine) and Zenith (Belgium). 

‘Epiphany’, a piece by Irene Lopez Leon of Spain, was a particularly colourful spectacle. Unable to leave his country, Alex Maksiov of Ukraine asked compatriot Tatiana Talanova to paint ‘Identity’, an ode to his home, in his stead. Federica Furbelli presented ‘Cachoeira’, and Spaniard Jabi Corte created ​ ‘Universal Mission’. In monochrome, but bursting with life and power, was ‘Resistencia’, the mural by Paola Delfin of Mexico. ‘Zwart op Wit’ (In black and white), a piece by Zenith (aka Matthias Schoenaerts), was a captivating tribute to Sanda Dia.