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North West Walls have been a striking feature of the Festivalpark since 2014. Rock Werchter has shown that art has its place at a music festival and that it works. North West Walls has lent the festival fabulous artistic allure. As art projects go, this is a highly ambitious one. North West Walls is a mark on the landscape that can be admired long after the festival period has ended. It is a permanent installation. But then again it is not. Because it looks different every year. For NWW#9, curator Arne Quinze has invited six top street artists: Fabian Bane (CH), GOMAD (NL), Temponok (FR), Bisser (BE), Lobster Robin (BE) & Kitsune (BE).

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Happy to present the 9th edition of North West Walls, Rock Werchter's street art project.

The metres-high walls of the container structure were painted over in neutral colours, erasing last year’s murals. Under the auspices of curator Arne Quinze, top international street talent will bring the walls to life again in the next weeks. This year, Quinze has invited Fabian Bane (CH), GOMAD (NL), Temponok (FR), Bisser (BE), Robin Lobster (BE) & Kitsune (BE).

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Urban art turns our living world into a gallery. And it's into these very realms that the artist from Grisons, Fabian "BANE" Florin, immerses with his work – acting as an observer, creator, curator.

Born in Chur in 1982, BANE embarked on a journey that led him through the deepest abysses but also to ever-new sources of inspiration. Inspiration that the Chur artist has expressed in works across the globe. His works now adorn cities from the Eastern Mediterranean to Asia and are highly regarded exhibits in art galleries. Fabian "BANE" Florin thus carries not only the story of his path but also the living world of his hometown to the world.

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Born in 1972, Marcus Debie aka GOMAD is a graffiti artist and muralist from the Netherlands. Like many of his peers, he was heavily influenced by the iconic film ‘Beat Street’ as well as ‘Style Wars’ and started painting in the early 80’s. He got artistically active in the Southern Dutch graffiti scene and he is considered as one of the pioneers of the graffiti movement in this region. 

By being a color blind artist, Marcus has always had a specific relation with eyes and colors. Throughout his research to develop his personal style, he realized that his particularity was a way to differentiate his work from the others and he decided to use the eyes as a trademark.

Together with his partner in crime and wife Nancy Montforts he urns urban art studio GOMAD, aka team GOMAD, since 2014.

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Temponok is a self-taught visual artist, from the graffiti movement. His work revolves around the soap bubble, as well as its transparency, which he has been exploring for fifteen years. The fundamental idea in his works is the exploration of time, the ephemeral, melancholy. These are themes that echo the current of existentialist thought. As for the form, he abandoned his first graffiti influences for a more poetic mix of vanitas and bubbles, flirting between abstract expressionism and surrealism.


Bisser (1990) is a Belgian artist known for his murals in public spaces. He studied animation at KASK in Ghent, where he discovered his own unique drawing style. Besides painting walls, he also creates canvases, illustrations, and has been working with ceramics since 2022. He is inspired by graffiti, street art, cartoons, animation films, painting, and comic strips. He has painted murals in various countries around the world, including India, Mexico, Brazil, France, England, Spain, Italy, the USA, and more.

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Lobster Robin (32) is a painter and street artist with a background in illustration and animation. This duality is relfected in his style, and particularly in his skillful use of linework and colour. Combining the more fine aspects of illustrative and painterly work with the roughness of graffiti and street art. His artwork is best described as colourful and psychedelic, exploring his journey through life from an unusual perspective. 

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Kitsune Jolene ( Jolien De Waele ) is a Belgium based artist who’s work draws you in with expressive pops of contrasting and complementary colours. Reflecting both her creative practise and her personality. Often painting a merge of figurative work and botanicals with nods to the millennial generation. Her European roots show strong as she often delves into mythology, folklore and storytelling, sometimes working with communities to create relationships between people and paintings.

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